Dr. Henry E. Perrine Academy of the Arts

Magnet Art

The magnet Visual Arts program is much akin to teaching a new language, the language of visual form. Students learn to read, speak, do and most importantly see, in this new visual language. The program exposes the student to a comprehensive fine arts experience which includes art history, theory and criticism along with classical and contemporary art instruction. Two and three-dimensional compositions are developed with an emphasis on drawing, painting, printmaking, digital art, ceramics and sculpture within a studio setting.

Our students acquire an aptitude for effective problem solving, learn the skills of constructive expressionism and gain insight to the vibrancy and complexity of the visual world around them. The student’s artwork is exhibited throughout the year in venues around the community, culminating in an annual group exhibit, solely devoted to the year’s portfolio work.

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Art Applicants will:

  • Demonstrate their creativity and imagination through an in-class drawing exercise.
  • Demonstrate their visual memory.
  • Demonstrate their observation and compositional skills.
  • Be interviewed individually.
  • Submit any artwork done previously in a portfolio. The portfolio should include 5-10 examples of the student's work.

Magnet Art Supply List